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Best Comparative Policy Paper Award AFSP 2015

The Joint International Adjudication Committee of the RC30 Comparative Public Policy section of the International Political Science Association and the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis (JCPA), including Professors Monika Steffen (University of Grenoble, Chair), Céline Belot (University of Grenoble), Charlotte Halpern (University of Grenoble), Philippe Zittoun (University of Lyon), and Christine Rothmayr Allison (University of Montreal), has selected the paper entitled:

"La citoyenneté sociale des jeunes adultes en Europe"

“Social Citizenship of Young Adults in Europe”


Tom Chevalier, (Science Po, Paris, France)

2013 – Louise Hervier, (Sciences Po, Paris), France:

"Taxing the Financing of Social Protection as a Means for Ousting Unions"

2011 – Aurelien Evrard, (Sciences Po, Paris), France:

"Political Parties and Policy Change: Explaining the Impact of French and German Greens on Energy Policy"

2009 – Carole Clavier, (Montreal University), Canada:

"Convergence from Below: A Sociology of the Reception of Transfer in Public Health Policies in Europe"