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International Comparative Policy Analysis Forum (ICPA-Forum)

Affiliated with the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis www.jcpa.ca

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ICPA-Forum Mission:

The ICPA-Forum seeks to promote the field of comparative policy analysis studies following the Aims and Scope of the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis. It seeks to engage members in a dialogue on comparative policy issues and encourages new ideas about special JCPA symposia, sponsorship of workshops, sponsorship of collaborative comparative research, sponsorship of comparative policy panels at key conferences, and awards for the best comparative papers. Peer reviewed workshops proceedings are published as Special Symposia Issues.

The ICPA-Forum involves its members in special Calls for Papers, and provides on-line updates about future volumes and their contents, workshops, and other activities. The forum encourages the involvement of graduate students in the comparative policy analysis dialogue and in publications.

Members receive special JCPA subscription rates and discounts on Routledge/Taylor and Francis publications.

The JCPA/ICPA-Forum is sponsored by 40 international universities.